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Great Romantic Movies to Watch With Your Girlfriend

If you want to arrange a romantic evening with your girlfriend, but you are not ready to spend all the money in the world, there is a way out. You can offer her to watch a romantic movie together. Such moments are no less valuable than a dinner in a posh restaurant, especially when you are students who live on a budget and strive to save every penny. A girl will hardly say something like, "Write my paper for me," but she can offer to watch a romcom and just enjoy time together. The world cinematography has provided you with numerous wonderful movies that will hardly leave your girlfriend indifferent. Below you will find great rom coms that you can watch with your significant other.

Pretty Woman, 1990

It is a legendary rom-com starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. The film's plot tells about a Hollywood sex worker who is hired by a wealthy businessman to accompany him to several events and meetings. The movie "Pretty Woman" is taken from the song "Oh, Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison. Originally conceived as a gloomy cautionary tale about class inequality and sex work in Los Angeles, the film has been reimagined as a romantic comedy with a big budget. Although the film received ambiguous reviews, Roberts won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Love Me If You Dare, 2003

If you want to create a romantic French atmosphere, you can watch this movie film starring Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard. Having grown up, best friends Julien and Sophie continue the strange game they started as children – a fearless competition to surpass each other in bold and outrageous deeds. Although they often play pranks on each other, their game is a peculiar way to avoid the fact that they are really made for each other. If you don't have enough free time to watch this movie, get homework help for college and free up your schedule.

Heartbreaker, 2010

Another French romantic comedy movie tells about a brother and sister who run a business specializing in breaking relationships. They were hired by a wealthy man to cancel his daughter's wedding. The only problem is that they have only one week to do it. Notably, the screenwriter was inspired by a real-life story: one of his cousins ​​was in love with a man who treated her badly, and someone advised her father to hire an actor who could break their union. The film received 5 Cesar nominations in 2010.

Crazy, Stupid, Love, 2011

This film has an ideal ratio of love and humor: some moments will be really funny, while others will be very touching. The main character is a family man in his 40s. He seems to have everything: children, work, home, a beautiful wife. However, the latter is somehow bored with everyday life, so she decides to cheat on him. She informs her husband about that, announcing the divorce. After that, a man decides to turn into a tough macho who doesn't need to beg anyone, "Please, do my math hw." A funny plot and the happy end are what you need while watching a movie with your girlfriend.

Love Actually, 2003

This film has managed to gain the status of a legendary rom-com. The film's plot is not holistic but consists of several separate stories full of sympathy and love. Nonetheless, they all begin five weeks before Christmas. Each story is interesting in its own way. Moreover, according to the feedback, even men like this movie, so it is worth giving it a try.

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